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Nutritional Consulting.

I love food, but what I love even more is creating a healthy and healing relationship with food. Health isn't "one size fits all" so together we get curious and develop a unique plan for you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce symptoms of a chronic illness, or change your relationship with food, there are nutritional and lifestyle changes to support your goals. 

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Nutritional Consulting and Lifestyle Coaching.

Dr. Erika Horowitz recognizes the importance of nutrition when getting your life back in balance. To provide you with the best support, Dr. Horowitz and I work together as we empower patients to take charge of their health and wellness. While Dr. Horowitz focuses on re-balancing your life and health medicinally, I extend that care through food and lifestyle support. 

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Lyme Disease Consulting.

As someone who has successfully healed from chronic Lyme Disease and a handful of co-infections, it's become my passion and now career to educate and empower my clients on how to navigate Lyme. Through personal experience, nutrition education and extensive knowledge of healing from Lyme, I am able to support others as they reclaim their lives. #takeabiteoutoflyme



“After years of over using antibiotics, my gut was extremely unhealthy. I was suffering from chronic yeast infections and painful stomach aches, among other symptoms I did not even know were related to my gut. Ali listened to every detail of my medical history including past surgeries, medications, diet, exercise and stress levels and came up with a plan that truly transformed my overall picture of health. My yeast infections went away, I had increased energy, clearer skin, no more stomach aches, and felt an improvement in my mood. She recommended supplements, probiotics and DIY tests to gauge gut and digestive health. Ali was there to answer all of my follow up questions or provide support when I felt discouraged. Wiser Wellness has the answers!” - Female, 20’s

“I loved Ali's program. It was personalized and catered to what I needed. She guided me through healthy eating from helping me order at a restaurant to walking me through shopping at a health food store. Her approach helped me implement realistic changes in my life and even in my fiancée's that make us feel better - and my fiancée has even lost 15 pounds! Plus Ali's empathetic and kind nature made me comfortable with her right away.” - Female, 30’s

“Working with Ali has given me a whole new perspective on health, wellness and specifically, using food as medicine. I have and will continue to recommend Ali to all of my friends and family who are looking for ways to feel their best. Whether it is combatting illness or allergies, improving overall gut health or weight management, Ali’s approach and expertise is a game-changer.” - Female, 20’s

"As I work my way through the Wiser Eating course, I am starting to embrace the idea of replacing judgement with curiosity to not only food but also the relationship with my body. This approach really has removed me from the slavery of food. You have an amazing message, Ali." - Female, 50s (referencing Wiser Eating online course)


Questions or eager to work together? I’d love to hear from you!